Sunday, April 5, 2009

More videos of progress

I think it might be worth crossposting all of our filmed progress here so that it's consolidated, though an RSS feed may actually work better. I'm also posting the videos to the Results page

Here are our results from different LED wavelengths through projection surfaces. In both videos, Digiline White is on the far right, Digiline Contrast is in the center, and the PVC screen Professor Renau sampled is on the left. Our choice to sample the Digiline screens comes from this thread on the NUI Group forums.

As with the previous video, these are blurry because they are streams from our webcam, the PS3eye. The IR-blocking filter that is built into the PS-3 eye contributes some to the focal length of the lens, and since its removed, the camera is no longer in focus.

850nm test:

940nm test:

The videos and subsequent repetitions of the same test indicate that the Digiline White is the best for IR transmission.

Since the Samsung P400 we're using is only 150 lumens, we haven't really been offput by the projector hotspot described in the thread linked above. It's noticeable, but the rest of the screen is better displayed, and a brighter image will be better in daylight.

We'll be filming a little something of our progress with the IR bandpass filter today. And it won't be filmed with the webcam, so it'll be in focus for once. =)